Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy new year and I AM BACK!!!

Hey everyone!
Wish you all a very happy and joyful new year!
I now, i am very very late in wishing you. I owe you some explanation as to why i had taken some time months off from blogging. I had to work my a** off for something important for my career (will let you know the details once everything is through) and i was advised staying away from my "blog" till i accomplish it by my parents! So now am done accomplishing the "task"  of course with great success (i know lot you might actually be cursing me for building so much suspense, please hold on for a few more months, i will update what my "so important" task was). Back to blogging with great joy!
I hauled a few Sleek stuff a few months back and became too busy to even click pictures of my products. I would like to make a comeback by posting my Sleek haul!
Enjoy the pictures. And let me know which one of these do you want me to review first.
If you are wondering why i got 2 palettes of oh so special and original, then check the next two pictures :(
This was their condition when i opened them and i was shattered! I immediately clicked pictures of these and uploaded it on the sleek Facebook page and mentioned my order number. They were nice enough to send me 2 new palettes :) I was happy even though two eye shadows came crumbled in one of the palettes.
And here is a small EOTD. Please please put up with my unconcealed dark circles (which are refusing to get concealed) and my untrimmed eye brows.
 Am just a beginner, hope you guys will be nice enough to excuse my shabbiness :)
So that is all for today! You can expect regular reviews and looks here from now on :)


  1. hi welcome back.lovely ur new friend

    1. Hey ramya! Thank you. Glad that ur my new friend :)

  2. Nice haul..:)
    Thats so nice of them to send the damaged products.
    Lovely EOTDs.. keep posting.:)

    1. Thanks niesha :) Ya i was impressed with them!
      Thanks. I will do more EOTD's..