Sunday, 9 September 2012

Fruit of the earth body lotion

Hey everyone!
Hope you guys had a great weekend. It has been a long time since i have posted anything. So today i am going to review a body lotion which i had got from Urbantouch quite sometime back. While browsing through the website, this brand called "Fruit of the earth" caught my eye. And since i had wanted a good moisturizing lotion, i popped these into my shopping cart. Read on to find out how these were.

The company says: 

 My experience with it: I had no idea about the brand when i first saw it on Urbantouch. I checked the company's website for the ingredients list, but could not find it. Since it was not very expensive, i ordered it right away. It comes with a flip open type cap in orange color and the bottle is white. In the above pissed off! Why should a body lotion contain SLS??? And the ingredients are full of chemicals! I was expecting something on the lines of natural cocoa butter and aloe vera. I was really disappointed.
Not only this, it smells aweful! Something like "sacred ash", the one that we get as prashad in temples. I have no idea how a body lotion can have such a smell. The lotion has a thick consistency and spreads well on the body. The moisturization is nothing great.
Thankfully it did not cause any kind of irritation or allergy.


The good:
1. Moisturizes the skin on an average scale.
2. Did not cause irritation or allergies.
3. Pretty affordable.

The not so good:
1. Smells like aweful.
2. Has SLS!!!
3. And silicone.
4. Availability is an issue.

Final word: 1/5 for the moisturization. I will not recommend this to anyone! It is one of my worst buys :(