Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My nail paints collection and Avon nailwear pro swatch

Hey everyone!
Hope you had a good weekend! My weekend was good but this week has been extremely tight till now. And what better way to relax myself than sit with my blog?? Since i am not being able to write any product reviews, ill be posting some simple reviews like nail paint collection, nail swatches, for a few days.
So here is my nail paint collection. I dont have much, and still collecting ;)
First is my Avon nail paint collection.
From left : Twilight blue, Golden sand, Wine wilderness.

From left : Dynamo, Violetta, Plum crazy.

From left : Peeling and brittleness solver, Red velvet, Urban jungle.

Now the simply pretty ones.
From left : Cherry red (not sure), truly gold, champagne shimmer, sand mist, mystic beige.

From left: Maybelline express finish pearl in Soft doux, coloroma in chic.

Street wear : Golden mirror, Berry sparkle, Lilac lusture.

Amway attitude : Natural, Blush (these are pretty old)

This is H&G's brand : Just for chills, Alpine snow matt.

Faces Sparkles, Oriflame Purplr pink, Lakme 9 to 5 Pink champagne, Revlon Rusty rose, Tips & toes Penchant.

All of them together
Sorry about the tilted picture, tried for hours to bring it straight, but in vain :(

And here is the nail swatch of Avon nailwear pro in "urban jungle". This is a greenish black shade which brightens up my hand. Its creamy in texture. I applied a thick coat first and it took about 45 minutes to dry. Then the second coat did not dry fully. So i guess i should have applied 2 to 3 thin coats. Since it did not dry fully, it chipped the next morning. So i wouldnt blame the polish. But i love this shade!

A closer look

Price : Got it for Rs.99 on offer. Original MRP is around Rs.150 (not sure)

I definitely recommend this shade!
Rating : 3/5 (none of the paints stay on my fingers without chipping for more than 2 days)


  1. Gr8 collection .....:)

  2. You hav got a cute collection :-)

  3. loved the avon nailpaints (not 'matte' ones) and oriflame ones... is twilight blue as gorgeous as urban jungle?

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thank u :) Well the twilight blue is not as good as the urban jungle. Will post swatches of it next :)

  4. wowww nice collection.... now waiting for ur lipstick collection post

  5. Thanks deepa! Yeah sure i will do my lipstick colelction post soon :)

  6. Ooh I love your collection <3
    I'm obsessed with nail polishes :D

    1. Thanks neha! I too am slowly getting obsessed with them.I keep collecting them! It is so much fun to collect them!