Thursday, 9 August 2012

I am no longer a MAC virgin!!!

Hey everyone!
Yup I finally ordered some MAC samples from thebodyneeds2 last week, when they were having a 25% off on MAC samples. This website sells genuine MA samples and its a great way of trying out paint pots, fluidlines and lipsticks.
I received the package in a week i guess. So here are the pictures.

I got samples of Paint pot : blackground, constructivist, Fluidline : macroviolet, Lip tint: Fuchsia fix, Pigment : Blue brown
Lipstick samples of Capricous, Creme cup, Sweetie (sorry about the blurred pic, my cam battery was down and this was the last pic)

 I love the concept of testing a product first and then going for it if i really like it, because i dont get to waste my money, if i dont like the products or the products dont like me ;)
Am very excited about these and will do a review of all products soon. Until then stay tuned.


  1. Thats much did u pay for these 8 things ? And the shipping ? u used paypal ?

    1. I paid 20 dollars totally and abt $9.something for shipping. Each sample were around $3 to $4 and i got a 25% off on the total :) I used a credit card directly.I found paypal a bit complicated...

    2. It sounds really good...but did you have to pay customs??

    3. No sophia... I was dreading some extra cost, but fortunately i din have to pay anything extra :)

  2. Wowww, pls share ur experience with thes prods :-)

  3. Awwwww finally u got it... now waiting for review

  4. I have tried all the lipsticks and one of the paint pots... Which one do u want me to review first?