Saturday, 25 August 2012

Clinique all about eyes dark circles under-eye gel review

Hey all!
Hope you had a good week. Mine was extremely busy with work. Anyways am back with one of the best under eye gels i have ever used! It is the Clinique all about eyes under eye cream errr... it is a gel. I had got it along with the 3 step skin care system. Let s get to the review.

Clinique says? "To target under-eye circles, shadows, lines and puffs use All about eyes. Special moisturizers and optical diffusers immediately diminish the appearance of under-eye circles and fine lines. A unique combination of botanicals, proteins and anti-oxidants works to fade the look of under-eye dark darkness, decrease puffs, and strengthen skin against environmental aggressors. Helps to extend eye makeup wear. This velvety, lightweight, cream/gel is absorbed quickly. Wait a few seconds before applying eye makeup. Long-term smoothing and firming results are cumulative, so use morning and night, over the entire eye area."
Phew.... I typed it all!

My experience with it: Since i had removed my spectacles, my dark circles were even more visible and bad. So when i went to Clinique store to get the 3 step skin care system, i asked the SA about the All about eyes concealer. She tried it on me. but i was not satisfied with the coverage. Yeah! my circles were that bad :( That was when she showed me this under-eye cream. And i got it instead of the concealer. As you can see in the ingredients list, caffine is a major ingredient, and this product is recommended by the makeup artist Lisa Eldridge for this.
 I really like the jar.The mirror like cap and the pink jar packaging is really cute!
 So back to my story, i used it regularly morning and night for more than a month and i can happily say that this one is AWESOME and definitely helps reduce dark circles! True to its claim of being light weight and velvety, it makes my skin absolutely soft and velvety and gets absorbed immediately. My dark circles have reduced considerably over this one month. But one thing that i want to mention here is, do not expect this cream alone to lighten the under eye circles. This will definitely lighten the skin provided one gets enough sleep, at least a minimum of 7 hours every day. On days when i dint get enough sleep, my circles looked dark even though i used this gel twice that day. So this when used along with proper diet, sleep and rest to the eyes, will definitely reduce one's dark circle no matter how ever dark be it. Since i do not have puffy eyes, i cant comment on that one.

 Have a look at my swatch and see how velvety it makes my skin. Hope you are able to note the dry hands in the first picture and the velvety texture in the blended picture.
Price: Rs.2050 for 15ml

Now for the plus and minus.
The good:
1. Reduces dark circles to a great extent.
2. Makes the delicate under eye area velvety soft.
3. Gets absorbed immediately.
4. Suitable for all skin types.
5. Safe for sensitive eyes.
The not so good:
1. The PRICE!!!! It costs a bomb.

Final word: I rate this 4.8/5, obviously 0.2 reduced for the price. And i will recommend this to everyone with dark under eye circles.


  1. way too expensive no?..iam loving clinique products these days so i may giv a try soon..nice review shruti

    1. Thanks preetha! ya it is really expensive! But it worked for me and am happy :) Let me know how you find it when u try!

  2. I was jus talking to a friend abt under eye creams n here comes d review :-)

    1. Oh really? I think we have a telepathy going on between us lol!!

  3. where do you get this cream in coimbatore, pls suggest\