Sunday, 26 August 2012

Enchanteur matte lipstick review

Hey everyone!
I am sure you all would be familiar with the brand Enchanteur for its shower gel, body lotions, talcum powders and soaps. Now last month on ebay i came across a lipstick from this brand and i was like "they make cosmetics too??" And i immediately ordered a plum shade, thinking that a plum shade would be a safe bet. Read on to find out how the shade turned out to be.

I really like the black and maroon tube of this one. Looks very classy to me. These were described as matte lipsticks on ebay and i jumped at it! There were also names for the lippys on ebay but i was not able to find any names on the tube or outer carton. Just some numbers and alphabets.

 My experience with it: When i opened the lipstick, i found the bullet way too dark. But i thought the color would come out lighter on my lips, but it was dark too. I knew that i had made the wrong selection :( should have gone for a much lighter shade or even a red shade! The lipstick feels creamy on swatching on hands but on my lips it accentuates the dry patches on my lips. And since the shade is a very dark one, it settles into my lip lines and makes them prominent! And it stains!!!! That too is obvious for such a dark shade! The staying power is about 4-5 hours. And it makes my lips dry. So i exfoliated my lips, moisturized and then wore this one and it was far better. So if you have dry lips, then please do not get this.

The shade sure looks nice in the tube. But here is the swatch.
I would have been really happy, had the shade been a tad bit lighter. Nevertheless i wanna make this work for me and i used this as a stain on my lips with a gloss on top and it worked.
With stain alone.
 Now with Avon glazewear in muave on top.
 The left swatch is the gloss alone, which is pretty sheer and the right one is with this lipstick as base and gloss on top. Look how this lipstick makes the gloss opaque!

So i am going to have to finish it up by using it as a stain. I also tried it as a cheek stain on my little sister and i got a really nice stain on her cheeks.

Sorry ladies, i dont want to scare you with my lip swatch with this alone on my lips!
Price: Rs.199 but the MRP was Rs.450.
The plus and minus.

The good:
1. Pretty affordable.
2. Cute packaging.
3. Great pigmentation.
4. Good matte finish, provided lips are smooth and exfoliated.

The not so good:
1.  Makes lips dry and settles into the lines.
2. Availability, i havent seen it anywhere else other than on ebay.

Final word: This is a decent matte lipstick. It is just that i messed up with the selection of shade. I suggest you give it a try if you find it, and of course 200 bucks wont really burn a hole in anyone's pocket! I rate this particular shade 2.8/5.


  1. nice shade shruthi.. u got this in ebay?

    1. Thanks rekha! Ya got it from ebay :)These kinda cosmetics come on offer on the dot style on ebay. Check them out!

  2. Oh i did not know that enchanter has lipsticks too. I will also check ebay now !!
    by the way it looks good on you and moreover i like that little girl.:)

    I also have an award for you Shruthi. plz visit.

    1. Thanks a lot niesha! Sure ill check out!