Sunday, 1 July 2012

Oriflame exciting offers - July

The July 2012 Oriflame catalog just got updated and i want to share a few exciting offers with you. Yes I am an Oriflame representative and if you need any of the products just drop a mail at Now here are a few offers picked by me. You can view the entire catalog here.

The new launches for this month first!

Here comes the most tempting offers.... I am definitely gonna get the tender care in chocolate flavor and the whole of the sparkling disco collection! Arent they tempting?

 And now for the best deals this month.

 A little from the men's corner.

And now the best of all offers.

Am going crazy this month with all these offers!! So here is what i have planned to get this month!

1.Beauty gloss booster.
2.Tender care in chocolate flavor.
3.The entire sparkling disco range - 2 eye shadows, 2 eye pencils and 2 nail paints.
4.Delicacy hand cream.
5.Body milk 400 ml
6.Essentials tropical fruit exfoliating gel.
7.Quick dry top coat and at least 4 nail paints.
8.Visions V lipstick at least 4
9.Natural hair oil.

These are the ones as of now. But am seriously tempted to get some more. Will do a haul post once i recieve the stuff.

PS: I will be placing the order on wednesday  4.07.2012. Please let me know if you need anything.
There is also a flyer from 1.07.2012 - 7.07.2012. You can have a look here.

Have a nice sunday :)

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