Thursday, 26 July 2012

I am back!!

Hello everyone!
First of all, am really sorry for going MIA for almost a month! Well its because i had a LASIK surgery done early this month. For those who are not aware of it, LASIK is a surgery to correct the short sightedness ( minus power ) and get rid of the glasses! I will do a separate post on LASIK. And since i was at home taking rest ( no TV, no reading, no computer :( sob sob ) i have been hauling like crazy to celebrate the riddance of my glasses and also to lift my mood. I picked up the clinique 3 step skin care, all about eyes dark circles gel, and many more.Will do a haul post soon.
Have loads of stuff to show you gals :) And i promise, i will be posting regularly from next week!

See ya!!


  1. hey,welcome a new blogger do visit my blog and if you like it then you can join me...waiting to see your haul post....and get well soon !

  2. Thanks a lot toa! Sure i will post my haul soon :) Thanks for ur wishes!